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10 Kush Memes That Speak for the World!

We’re different, you and I. It’s a fact we have to accept, and learn to deal with one another. We come in all shapes and forms… my god, just walk on the street! But still, if you look at it, we’re quite similar in so many ways.

I don’t want to get all deep and hop into my philosophical hat, we’re here to talk about weed. That’s definitely something we seem to share. And we don’t hate it that much; it does add some flavor to our lives… don’t you think?

But the kush also affects us in so many ways. Some are funny, and others are just plain. But we’re definitely here to show you the giggly bigly! Here’s a collection of some memes that speak for the world of stoners:

When you’re too high to make conversation

This has got be one of the most accurate weed memes there is! I believe you can relate, and trust me, we do as well. Making conversation when you’re high can be both amazing and incoherent. You’d be thinking of galaxies far away and of things that have never been, and realize in a second that your friend has been telling you the story of his life for hours and you were just too blown away to the point of not caring.

When you’re high at your parents’ house

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting having food ready to eat when you’re high. Of course you’ve become a lazy stoner, unable to enter the realm of the kitchen and be a bit productive. You like to order food, if I may presume. But when you’re at the sweet surroundings of your parents’ home, your mom will be your munchies provider… an angel for the stoned!

When logic is so simple to rectify

You’ve lit your joint, you’ve smoked your joint… and the eyes are a blood moon. The music is cool, and the whole setting is just perfect for a quiet contemplation. Then a voice breaks through, and the mood is interrupted… but the call is for more. That’s something you rarely refuse. The little stoner in you always appreciates the initiative. 😉

When you’re too high to care about the world

Smoking can definitely make you forget about the problems that go on around you. You might think about the “legalization cause” in your region, but that’s as far as it goes. Governments tend to like that part about the kush. They somehow like us to chill, eat our munchies… while they eat its cost.

When you’re too happy, holidays come twice!

Well, if you’ll allow me, I’d like to declare that this is a true stoner meme created by a hardcore smoker. I’d bet he got the idea while being high. See the creativity this plant gives you sometimes? It might be useless as a broken broom, but you’d still be shining! You know what you can also do? You can celebrate 420 twice, because why not? The pot is real and lungs are young..

When you’re trying to quit, but your friends exist..

You know it when you just can’t deny it anymore. It’s stuck on you and will be there for a while. Stop smoking, you say? Yeah, let’s do it for a while. Everybody needs that moderation sense in their usage. But quitting the blunt for good? That’s a universe I’d refuse to live in. We like to accept our friends’ smoking ceremony invitations, and host some of our own as well.

When you get too competitive about your skills

We all love rolling joints. But some of us really love it, and excel in their ability to roll god-sent blunts. We all have that one friend that really gets the job done. He’s always screaming to roll the next one, and gets really annoyed when someone chooses to take a turn at their craftsmanship.  Gotta respect a true talent when you see it!

When some of your friends are a little bit greedy

When you’re sharing some weed, there are some ethics than can be found in the part of place titled common sense. We don’t like free-loaders, and we like to keep our friends happy and get them high with us. But if we invite you over and you’re haggling over the time someone holds the joint, you’re in for a treat. Stoners have a code, and you know it. Don’t go on breaking that code… or it might break you out.

When you would like to believe the news

Sometimes the press can be really agonizing about cannabis, and would spread lies in nature to its effects. But if we hear that there’s a free-delivery coming in soon, would we object? Not really. We’d like these news to actually be true! Who wouldn’t love a sentence that has both weed and candy in it? That’s the best formula, if you ask me.

That’s it for now. We hope this collection made you laugh a little bit. If not, you’re missing some serious THC in your system. Go ahead and get that fixed soon. And while you’re at it, you may follow us on Facebook, or look for more giggles below.

What do you think?

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