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10 Memes You Don’t Want to Send Your Girlfriend

Relationships can be really hectic, to the point that being around your loved one is just plain insanity. But you can’t quit it and refuse to think about it. You stay up and just look at memes… and everything around you screams of her.

For centuries, it’s always has been this way. People are always crazy in love… and don’t mind the crazy part. It’s just madness ahead!! And why the hell are we being serious? Let’s go back to some boring memes and see how this whole thing would turn out.

When you’re finally having some sleep

Don’t you ever think about it! Once you’re in a committed relationship and you guys are living together, both of your sleep cycles are disturbed. But hey, that will never stop her from talking to the ‘sub-conscious’ you.

When Self-Hatred is Too Good to Be True!

When the bartender knows his psychology…