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21 Times The Pornhub Comment Section Restored Our Faith In Humanity

“Yes, there are comments on Pornhub.”

And they’re just amazing! Check out this amazing collection of Pornhub comments that are just surprising to see on such a platform. You don’t get to see that much positivity and humor all around the interent.

You’ll see all kinds of comments there. The ones you usually see on adult sites, that’s normal. But some people are just different, and they’re not there to express their frustration. It’s just funny how Pornhub comedy is something memable!

1. When you’re too bothered by the story

2. When you’re looking for the real thing

3. When you’re calling for the Papa

4. The real reason why we can’t be friends

5. When you like your video games too much

6. When you’re the weirdo on Pornhub

7. When you’re a mathematical genius

8. When you’re saving people in the right place

9. When coincidences are just too harsh

10. When you’re geeky about your guns

11. When you’re busted…

12. When you’re DOING your homework…

13. Pornhub is where you can speak freely, apparently!

14. When you like her engine

15. When you fantasize about M&Ms

16. When you’re too good to be on there

17. When your fellow Mincrafters are willing to help out

18. When you’re too surprised by the content

19. When you’re kinky about ScoobyDoo

20. When you get support from the wrong places

21. When everyone is just so loving…

These people have created a whole new genre of comedy that we haven’t really expected before. Next time you go on Pornhub, try not to be distracted by all the “good content” they have there. Scroll down to the comments, and you’ll find the best comment section on the planet.

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