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25 Memes That Will Only Be Funny If You Have Kids

Once you’re a parent, you have a whole lot of new comedy genres. Some jokes people just won’t get unless they have kids on their own. While it can be difficult to raise your children, you have to admit that it’s too funny most of the times.

So, forget about the misery of being a parent for a while and enjoy these 25 memes that only you and your family partner would understand:

1. When your kids get what they want

We don’t know why kids nag. But then again, it works sometimes… they do it again to get what they want.

2. When you’re trying to keep it wholesome

It’s hard to teach your kids not to swear when they’ve already learned it all.

3. When you use your kids for favors

It’s not ethical, and it’s just doesn’t sound right. But it happens, and your cute kids will get you lots of favors down the way.

4. When you’ve followed every page of the book

Parenting books can be helpful sometimes, but they won’t save you when jaws are dropped and cries of war are at play..

5. When kids get it all wrong…

They think it’s that easy: order and obey. But that’s now how it works in reality. You forget who’s running the show after a while.

6. When your kids are off to bed

It’s hard to get a breather when you have children of your own. Once they’re dozing off, you want to stay up as late as you can. Still, you’d have to wake up for another day of circus play.

7. How to ease your parenting journey

You don’t have to fret much about it. Your kids are raised by a kid, anyway. They’re going to turn out just… fine.

8. When you’re always repeating yourself

It doesn’t matter how many times you say it, they’re just gonna do what they think they want to do. It’s a loop you’d have to run through.

9. When your kids have a good taste

Having your kids make healthy food choices is hard when all they want is nuggets.

10. When your kids don’t get life yet…

11. When you swore not to co-sleep ever

12. When you know you’re a great mom

13. When parenting changes everything about you

14. When you know what type of birth control to use

15. When you’re always protecting your kids… from each other

16. When you run into other parents

17. When you’re helping out your kids

18. When the solidarity is just too real

19. When you go on playdates

20. When you have kids in real life

21. When you sympathize with other moms

22. When you know how to make them obey…

23. When you know bad words can be just right

24. When you encourage your kids to do more activities

25. When you become an expert at hiding candy

That’s it for now, folks. Having kids can be crazy… but they’re the best gift you’ll ever receive. Cherish them, and don’t forget to laugh at your misery as much as you can.

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