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4 Memes That Will Make You Better at Relationships

Being with someone is not a walk in the park. We’ve been brought up watching movies and hearing love stories that seem too good to be true. Well, they’re not. If relationship memes have taught us anything, it’s that getting mixed up with someone can turn into a living hell!

But we’re not trying to be pessimistic here. Life can be good, and your relationship will go just fine if you follow and apply. That’s just wrong as well. There’s nothing to follow that will make it work, but you can make it a lot easier…eh? Are you following? If you’re not, then you’re in for a real treat!Anyway, I don’t want to turn this whole thing into an existential manifestation of my troubled mine. All I wanna do is talk about memes and live peacefully, knowing that peace is merely a sham.

What memes have to teach us is more than we can grasp, and these few examples are just the start of your amazing journey. Follow the Mememer at the Gates of Dawn and you’ll be saved. Your girlfriend will appreciate your existence and your life will prosper. You deserve it, just a regular consumer suckling the lives of the poor

Know When It’s Getting a Little Toxic

Sometimes you can find yourself in quite toxic relationships. It happens to be the best of us; we have all been on both sides of this finicky situation.

Toxicity in relationships can come in various sizes, forms, and types. Some types of toxicity are more alerting and easy to spot out than others: this is one that is on the harder to spot side. Fighting over anything, and everything is unhealthy mentally for both the person initiating these fights and being on the receiving end of this treatment.

Listen to the meme and give it your best attention. This type of behavior can appear due to many reasons: stress at work/school, changes in mood, sleeping poorly… and these are only a few indicators of possible reasons! Know that you should do something about it.

If you are the person initiating this type of behavior in your relationships more often than usual perhaps you should do some soul searching about what is truly bothering you so you do not project onto others anymore.

And, if you are the person receiving this type of behavior: do not tolerate it for longer than you would need to! We all can have an off day or two, but if the fights are unwarranted you should not put up with toxic behavior like this and demand respect from the person attempting to fight you at every instant.

Don’t Just Go Looking for a Daddy!

Whether you want a Daddy, or want to be a Daddy, you need to be just a little careful!

With the current trends of Daddy/Babygirl relationships receiving more and more attention through the help of social media, those who are not in the know might get sometimes confused about why some people are called daddy on the internet.

Spoiler alert: It is not always because they are a dad….

Daddy is nowadays often used in a sexual context. The idea behind calling a man daddy is that they are the dominant partner in the relationship.  An example of this trend would be a “sugar daddy”, an usually wealthy and older man that is willing to purchase extravagant gifts for a special woman.

This can lead to hilarious mix-ups to those who are not really aware of the term’s new usage, or past usage. Also in situations where one person is an actual dad, this can get awkward really fast!

To try to minimize the possibility of mixing up the meaning of the term daddy try to see what this person’s profile is about, and if there is any other information available about them! You wouldn’t want to make a laughing stock of yourself like this poor girl.

The Past Should Stay in the Past… Sometimes

If you have ever ended a relationship and out of nowhere, the past boyfriend/girlfriend you ended things with hits you with “Hey, I’m in your city” it is usually social code word for “Hey, we should totally catch up!”.

That can go one of the many ways for you:

It can sometimes be really sweet and exactly the thing that you have been looking and/or hoping for from them, and other times that is the devil personally calling you to tempt you into making a terrible, terrible mistake that you will be unable to fix for a very long time.

If you are looking to possibly patch things up with this individual and to smooth some previous edges over, you should definitely give them a chance but on your terms, and your terms alone!

If you are not looking to interact with this individual in any way and would like to let them know indirectly and smoothly that you are not interested in seeing, let alone talking to them you should reply to them with a beautifully casual: ” Ok… Have fun”. This will let them know that you are not really up to see them and they should leave you alone. Whichever situation you are in; you are in control of who you see or not. Regardless of how far they have traveled!

Stay Alive, Don’t Become Redundant

Sometimes, when I finally get out of my house after a bad streak of staying-in, I decide to set myself up on a tinder date and that is when the dreaded question came up: could you tell me more about yourself? No, I cannot and frankly, I will not tell you more about myself, what a silly question! What if I asked you to tell me more about yourself, you would probably freeze up too.

Not only does this question appear on most dates, but also in most interviews! It is such a broad question and could really mean anything; what is stopping me from telling you what you want to hear? I am extremely introverted, and haven’t really gotten to know myself so I can totally relate to this sentiment.

The whole point of going on this date was to get to know me, through the different things that I like, the actions that I do… Things that you can pick-up from spending time with me, and not me providing you with a small summary of who I was, am, and would like to be! C’mon! This is supposed to be the opportunity where we come up with original questions that indirectly get us to talk about ourselves without having to directly head on say it in that manner, it is way too forced!

I always say you should try to keep it fresh and interesting. That’s how you overcome the inevitable existence of the universe and the self. But also to have some fun while you’re at it, right?

We’re never serious about anything around here. We’re more than happy to have you for a couple of minutes, and we hope you enjoy it. If you’re weird and like weird content, we’re here to provide… and ruin or make your day… your choice!

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