50 Sarcastic Memes That Are Too Funny to Ignore

After a tiring day at work, school or just taking care of kids at home, when you’re finally able to sit down and breath for a moment to let all the fatigue vaporize into the air. Many of us prefer to have their own quality time, we rather spend it in the comfort of our homes while browsing the internet as a form of relaxation and stress relief. The best way to do it is with some memes.

Because sometimes we all need a good laugh, and there’s nothing better than a bunch of sarcastic memes to give you the good laugh you deserve.

50. When bae doesn’t get your humor

Plot twist turns out she failed her memology class and was mad she didn’t get the joke.

49. When The higher-ups are finally on social media

As expected from Satan’s first post on social media, it was lit as hell. It even made god curse lol.

48. When you spend the whole night gaming

Apparently, this kid is a hardcore gamer that doesn’t give a damn if tomorrow is the school play… Jk, he found his parents weed stash.

47. She didn’t ask to be born

You heard the girl. Y’all gotta use protection if you’re not planning to feed your children for life.

46. Vincent here thinks he’s the only one

Everyone sets their alarms extra early, just so they have time to think if they really need the job, or how many absences till they’re fired, etc… We all do it for a reason!

45. Finders Keepers

When it comes to money, especially huge amounts of money, please teach your kids its importance, before praying for their mental health.

44. They’ll always be boys in their parent’s eyes

Some parents are always defending their children no matter what they do. They could be mad at you because you wouldn’t let their child put a pencil through your eye, and then drag their kid away and hurt ” come on they don’t want us around here”, Damn right we don’t.

43. Wife is cute when she is mute

When it comes to how much extra cheese we want, all types of answers are valid. So yeah, feminism and women rights aside, she doesn’t have the right to comment on the matter.

42. Ever since I was a kid… *Shivers*

One word: GENIUS!

He really should consider developing a book series around it if he got the skills, it would be hella thrilling to read.

41. A family hack that everyone needs to know

The dude’s kid right, if they get used to you being an unsuccessful sack of potatoes, they ain’t gonna complain much and won’t expect anything from you either.

40. When you want to let them know without them knowing anything about it

We’all got two types of friends, the wise one and the one pumping you up to do dumb shit. Yet we end up doing what was in our heads since the beginning cause we were looking for confirmation in the first place and not opinions.

39. Women be like

They just want to test their partners out with this, GUYS IT’S A TRAP. Although the perfect trap is saying ” Does this dress make me look fat “.

Ha! Men, good luck dealing with THAT.

38. When yo meme so famous it becomes a marketing strategy.

When you run out of marketing ideas so u have to improvise.

I dare you to mention someone who hasn’t seen this meme before.

37. Second life, Second chance.

No law is perfect, and this man is solid proof that laws can be bent and not broken. I, personally, am convinced of this argument.


They had us in the first part, not gonna lie. Just when you thought you are finally getting the emotional support you deserve.

35. Annnd the best comeback award goes to..

Second of all, keep your compliments to yourself, nobody wants to hear them.

34. When your boss likes to ask favors.

Oh hell no he didn’t dare message on a weekend. Some bosses are just too much, they think that they have people enslaved and try to work them to the bone.

33. When you broken on the inside but trynna hide it like…

We’all going through some shit at some point in time, it’s the usual, no need to be a cry baby, get over it.

32. You gotta think twice before making a proverb.

And coming on sooon, ” How to sell negative energy “, Stay tuned!

31. She jus- wants to..

Why the hell is he interrupting everyo-

30. When it’s that time of night

That moment when u want to sleep but your brain starts thinking about all those comebacks you could’ve said, and the weird moments you’ve had, to the point that you end up staying awake and having to tweet it.

29. Illusion 100

He proved himself wrong, literally. 

He just wants attention …

28. When you take things literally.

He ain’t wrong, but the dude crossiffied a doll, is he trying to start a riot among toys? I see a Toy Story 5 coming soon.

27. Salty with a typo

They forgot to add ‘with’ but the comment is still heartbreaking, why them clothing brands so mean?

26. We should think outside the box.

And the most important question remains: is it, or is it not?

25. Internet powers don’t exist? Think twice!

Somebody give this dude an award !!!

24. That one friend that likes to ruin your posts on social media…

It takes some skill to turn someone’s words like that.

Girls with Daddy issues everywhere! smh.

23. If only we could go back to being kids.

It’s not the only weird shit out there, but we discover the world as we grow up. Can’t complain!

22. Well, when life gives you lemons…

Being happy is the key, just enjoy whatever life throws at you!

Because if you center all your happiness on one thing instead of everything, you give that one thing the ability to destroy your said happiness.

21. When you finally find a better job

Your final days on a job, after finding a better one are full of rebellion and a newfound confidence that fades as soon as you start the new job.

20. We trust p0rnhub with our lives.

Imagine if a profile picture of yourself on p0rnhub was necessary, many lives would be ruined. Never trust the ads!!

19. Proof that internet emotions do exist.

When it comes to texting people online, interpreting their messages can become difficult, mainly because we can’t see their facial expressions. We all sent that haha text with a straight face, you can’t really blame others for overthinking.

18. A true gamer’s Last words.

It is a creative way of burial that’ll make people remember you. Especially the priest, he’s gonna be super pissed he’ll remember it for life.

17. The ultimate way to piss a girl off …

Dude’s got caught trynna cheat and turned the tables at the last minute. Truly impressive, I bet the girl would’ve shot him if he was within eyesight.

16. Strength: Flirting.

When you have zero skills, and the interviewer asks you about your strengths and weaknesses so you gotta improvise or at least woo her to give you a pass. Y’all should proudly put Flirting as a soft skill on your Cvs.

15. It sucks.

Being a girl sucks, period. ( literally)

Be it the constant flirting or period cramps that bring a long mood swings cravings and pain.

14. Crisis management be like.

When your bartender gets shot hang a wanted bartender post, THEN proceed to call police and media to give your statement, of crisis management I speak.

13. When you watch too many movies

Well, you can’t blame Dana for trying to get herself an income out there, it ain’t much but it’s honest work. So who’s willing to pay 50 $? She might not show up, you’ll never know.

12. When you’re so bored you gotta annoy people.

Dude was so excited about his realization, he even texted his friend 3 times. That friend would probably not look at chicken tenders the same.

11. I’m pretty sure it’s the one that got shot.

When you have to fake an id card and whole identity just so you get a drink, but once your 21st birthday hits you don’t give a damn.

10. When you run out of excuses.

According to Karen, a queen is never late but her boss thinks otherwise, prolly planning a coup d’état.

9. We all know that one person-_-

Some people don’t seem to take no as an answer and just keep putting nonsense into the argument, like bro you either accept the fact that you’re wrong and deal with it or shut up.

8. Suicidal thoughts.

When they think you mistyped something but you’re just done with this world and want out as soon as possible. Bet this guy was thinking:” if I’m going down I better bring someone down with me “.

Must be pretty lonely in hell, huh?

7. When bae expects too much.

Obviously, this girl doesn’t know the difference between performing on an instrument and writing a song. And it’s at that exact moment that Andrew realized his girlfriend isn’t as smart as he thought.

6. When you cute on the outside but kinky on the inside.

A life lesson to remember, if the other party thinks you’re innocent and you slip and say something you shouldn’t, act dumb. 

It works like a charm, every time.

5. That awkward moment when you have a slip of tongue.

We all have those moments when you accidentally say something you shouldn’t and in front of the wrong person to top it all.

4. There IS no 4th option anyways.

A guide to a girl’s 3 moods:

To be specific, girls are either complaining about how their lives suck or about how unhappy they are, so they start to think that it’s because of the lack of romance, which leads to phase 2, the hopeless romantic, it’s where most of the girls throw themselves in relationships they’re not ready for only to end up heartbroken in the end, and that, of course, brings out the 3rd one, a dumb bitch where she feels so stupid because of her life decisions. So again, she becomes a crybaby and the cycle continues.

Girls don’t take this to heart, jk, you damn well know it’s true.

3. Accents 101.

There are so many tricks for speaking different accents.

Say ” Rise up lights “, when you pronounce it it’s like you’re speaking in Australian English while saying ” Razor Blades”.

Cool hack, huh. Now stop repeating it before you embarrass yourself in front of someone.

2. True spoken words from a therapist.

Imagine going to the therapist because you are too afraid to be committed to a relationship let alone having sex, all thanks to the overthinking you do, which makes you worry that no one likes you. And then Therapist Almighty speaks those words of wisdom.

1. Fake it till you make it.

When you had counted too many happy days, so you start to get suspicious and put on a sad song to prep yourself emotionally, just in case something happens.

Better be prepared!

AND that’s it, folks. All the memes you need to sleep and start another day with a smile. I hope you had that good laugh, you truly deserved it! Even if it was by laughing at other’s misery. Relieving the daily stress and forgetting about the events of the day even for a teeny tiny moment by getting lost in a bunch of sarcastic memes, is totally worth it. Don’t worry there will be more to come, so stay tuned! And don’t forget to sign up to get the latest posts and news straight to your email box !!

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