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6 Relatable Memes that Show How Crazy Relationships Are!

Relationships are the adult version of playdates. They are fun, crazy and energitic, and it goes without saying that the mental and physical exhuasion are just a core part of the process. We’ve all experienced the ups and downs of a relationship and for the most part, it’s absolutely priceless to be with someone you love, even if they get on your nerve every once in a while. So, cuddle your loved one and scroll through this article and let’s see how crazy you two are!

My overwhelming is your “insane”

Being in a relationship is hard, and finding the right one is even harder, so when we find him or her -depending on your cup of tea – we grab on to them, and boy do we grab hard! Whether you were in and out of relationships or you have been a solo traveler for your entire life, realizing the amount of love you should give to someone can be tricky, and sometimes we just give a bit too much. Most of the time we just have to make sure not to suffocate them with our overwhelming love and affection that can drive them running out of the door!

Birds of the same feather, flock together, you know…

Quarrels are part and parcel of any relationship, and boys can be a lot to handle sometimes. However, anger tantrums can definitely get in the way of any healthy relationship and one has to be quite careful not to get too mad at the silliest mistakes. Whether you like bad boys or you got yourself a good one, they drive us crazy in their own way. But at the end of the day, you remember why you chose him in the first place, and he probably just as crazy and silly as you are!

Sharks are also fish, you know!

It’s true, there are plenty of pretty unique fishies in the sea, but things are not that simple, are they? When you’ve spent the longest time being on your own, and you finally tasted the good comfort of being with someone and having a best friend that you know too well, you just can’t – and most of the times don’t want to – let go that easily. Relationships require so much effort on both parties and starting all over is too much work to do. So, when you find your fish, you make sure you grab on to her with all you possibly can.

Periods come once a month, but you’re stuck with a vagina for life

Vaginas have minds of their own. They just don’t go hand in hand with what you think and feel about your boyfriend – or girlfriend – most of the time. They absolutely don’t care if he didn’t do the dishes, or if he spent his entire afternoon playing Fortnite, they want what they want, and they want it NOW. They also play you, and find the silliest excuses to get what they want.

Me: How dare s/he ignore my texts for the past two hours!

VAGINA: But look at how adorably s/he smiles and those freakin abs, Suzan!!!

Cupcakes are delicious too!

People are different, so are their preferences. No matter if you’re skinny, curvy, or a T H I C queen, your man will find you attractive no matter what! However, as skinny girls, we always feel like our men would like more meat to grab on, and we’re constantly in mental battle; should we lose as much meat as we possibly can because being a sculpture is hella beautiful, or should we put on more weight to deliver the goods? The answer is healthy = attractive and you just be you boo! Lil cakes or not, vaginas do exist anyways – and a good personality to match sometimes.

Never underestimate the power of a cutesy tootsie

Life is hard. Relationships are hard. And controlling your anger is even harder. Anger tantrums can cost us a lot, and sometimes you just go off at your man for the silliest mistakes. They have the sneakiest way to get on your nerve. It happens! It happened with my friend, and my other friend as well. I have seen it! Well, they have told me stories. And making it up to him can require a lot of love, affection, and a nice black lacy set of lingerie.

Come to think of it, life is all about relationships, whether it’s your boy, girl or colleagues, it all requires effort and it could possibly be the most enjoyable thing ever. So, cherish your relationships and love your special ones till death do both of you part. That’s it from us today, folks! Make sure to comment your funny stories with your partners and let us know if you like our selection of memes.

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