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7 Getting High Memes That Are Totally Relatable!

We speak different languages, but we all get high. It’s rather universal when it comes to the shared love of the blunt. We like to get high, and we’re not afraid to admit it. But not only love is shared among stoners, but also specific situations and mindsets.

Have you come across some stoner memes that you found to be completely true? That’s what we’re talking about. Some traits can be seen in all stoners around the world, and they just got to be true. We’re not stereotyping or anything; we admire the blunt ourselves! 😉 But you’ll find yourself relating to most of themes memes if you’d like to be in the clouds too much:

Do I Smoke, You Say?”

When two people get talking, and they start asking each other questions, smoking can be a subject of discussion. While any normal individual would view the question “do you smoke?” as a yes or no type of thingy, a true stoner would object. What comes to our minds when we get asked that question is a lot of things; and if we’re getting to know someone knew, we’d be mostly interested in knowing if they smoke the same kind or not. Wouldn’t you agree?

When You Try to Express Yourself

One of the main reasons we like to get high with friends is how they start talking. Yes, booze can be quite effective when it comes to the spoken word. People talk way more easily when they’re drunk. But the blunt has a very different effect on your tongue. You’ll come across the quiet type of a stoner, who’s usually staring into the abyss… contemplating the infinite possibilities of the universe. But you’ll also meet a talker. And when you meet a high talker, you’ll listen to all kinds of weird stuff. It’s just hilarious to watch people trying to express themselves, or their weird revelations, when they’re high as an effing kite!

When You Run Out of Weed

It’s a really agonizing feeling to experience. You’re just minding your own business like a good citizen, smoking all night long. And then suddenly, you realize that you’re firing up the last joint you have. You start to become anxious, not knowing where the world will take you next. You don’t feel secure in your skin anymore. You feel lost, and your savior is already not returning your calls. You spend another night in fear… in fear for the next day, and how you are to cope with such reality. You keep calling your guy… but he’s nowhere to be found. You’re on your own, just like Pablo Escobar here.

When You Get Invited to Gatherings

Anti-cannabis individuals always claim that getting high makes you lazy. They just don’t understand that it’s always a choice: to be lazy or not to be. You actually like it more to do activities when you’re high. Sometimes, though, you’re forced to make a certain decision… to choose between your friends or the blunt. You know you can have them both; your friends are stoners as well. But, valuing your own time with the blunt is another thing. Let’s say you’re not an introvert: you like to occasionally socialize and get out of your comfort zone. But today isn’t the day. Your muse is calling and you cannot ignore the call.

When It’s Time for the Group Photo

But if you’re the kind of person who’s always out and about, you might change your mind and accept your friends’ invitation. It was fun. You got to smoke with some friends, and laugh your lungs out at the reactions of a rookie (no bullying, it’s always hilarious to revisit the experience of early smoking days through other people). You were just about to head out, when one of your friends suggests it’s time for a group selfie. You weren’t prepared for this. You know how it goes, no matter how hard you try to pose for the picture. So, you let yourself loose. You know you’ve already brought shame to your future kids, but you don’t mind. They’ll understand when they get high, too!

When You Make Up Reasons to Smoke another Joint

Everyday is a new celebration, and you have to be on top of the party. You can’t help but smoke all day long, but you need to come up with new reasons that would tranquilize your conscience. They say weed can have all kinds of healing effects, and it can actually cure your cancer. But, wait! You don’t even have cancer. You thank god for a second, but then think of something really different. Maybe you don’t have cancer because you’re smoking weed! It strikes you like an epiphany; and you become determined to keep smoking and prevent this awful disease from ever crossing your path.

When You’re Too High, But Try to Help Your Friend

Whether you’re sitting at the comfort of your apartment, or smoking with some friends on the mountains, you might get in the situation where your help is needed. Yes, you can roll another joint… you’re known to collect the Roller’s Right. Maybe play some music, but most certainly not move an inch! Your friend is in need; you feel the obligation to lend them a helping hand. You try your best, but your best is not enough. You’re too high to hold your ground, not to mention helping another. You start screaming, panicking, running for your life… but then remember you’re already on the couch, calm, immersed in thought.

Getting high memes can be so relatable. We share as stoners more than we think, and the blunt brings us close together. It’s good to stop every now and then and observe such similarities. Smoking weed can be really calming and stress relieving. If you’re reading this post while being high, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below. We hope that you liked these stoner memes. We’re more than happy to make you giggle, even for a little bit.

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