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7 Memes on How to Pick Up Girls with Comedy – The Funny Guide!

Women love those who make them laugh, and you’re effing hilarious! You’ve spent the past decade of your life looking at memes, making memes and just wasting your valuable human powers solely on jokes. Your whole life is a god damn joke, and you’re still wondering about how to make her laugh?!

Well, don’t worry. You have it in you. And if you don’t, just send her a link from here. She’ll really appreciate it, and we’ll do as well. But jokes aside (so many puns), yes, you can use memes to pick up your soul mate. Has it been done before?

Well, dude, we live in 2019 now. Everything is digitalized, and if you know your memes well, you’ll get to her heart in no time. There are some basic guidelines that you should consider, though. You’re entering into a minefield, and you gotta be extremely careful.

Be Funny, but Never become a Clown!

Everywhere you can read and hear people say that humor is really important in flirting. But hardly anyone is a born a true entertainer at heart or a comedian. Well, some are. Maybe it’s you who make people drop to the ground and stay there for a while. Still, the giggles must be used to the right extent or the consequences shall be dire!

If you got to be a joker to her, well, congrats! You’ll hear her laughing her lungs out a lot, but you won’t be the guy who gets to spend the night… if you know what I mean. Of course you do! That’s all you want, you little superficial brick!

So, if that’s all you want, remember not to make yourself a clown. Especially when she asks you to – that’s where you need to be.

Choose Your Timing Wisely – Flirting Is Situational

It will definitely make her go nuts and get excited about it if you manage to use the current situation or an inside joke in your memes . A good method that is used by a lot of people is simply to exaggerate things extremely.

Situational comedy also often results from presenting something in a different context. Be creative and playful within the context you’re involved in. It always shows how subtle you can be.

How to Recover from a Bad Joke?

Well, maybe you messed up. You sent the wrong meme at the wrong time, and she’s not responding. What do you do? First of all, don’t panic. You can make a joke at your own expense. You’re a hardcore man. That shows a lot of self-confidence. Also,  she will definitely wonder why you’re not trying that hard to impress her. It’s like when people make fun of their own weaknesses, right?

Emotions Flow through Your Memes

A joke in the conversation is something substantial. It shows whether you both fit together comically and emotionally or not. If you reach the point where you can fool around with her just as you would with one of your buddies, then you’re in for a real treat.

Everything that seems playful is just great. Being playful takes the seriousness out of flirting and makes the girl more relaxed while you talk to her. You can send her a meme while on a call on Messenger, or just text her one if you guys are talking about something specific. But always remember that humor takes the edge off, so you need to use it to be naughty and show her that you’re not an idiot.

It kind of neutralizes your statement to her. When she laughs in response to you crossing your limits, she doesn’t only do it because it’s funny, but also to show you that she accepts whatever you’re implying. You need to show her that you can act. You like to laugh, but you’re also the kind of guy that takes things to the next step.

Try to Be Mysterious Every Now and Then

It’s always wise to score with double-meanings and memes that are confusing. But to be fair, not all women engage in sexual ambiguity.  Some prefer to be quite direct when it comes to these things. Your success depends very much on how you pick the situation and you girl’s mood.

Try to show how creative and humorous you are. Go make Saturday Humor proud! But don’t you ever force it. It’s usually better when it happens spontaneously than memorizing something funny.

Create Your Own World with Humor

Well, you need to make it all about her. Be charming and everything. But in the end, it has to be around her, or else she wouldn’t feel validated as a human being. That’s just how the world of attraction works, and it goes both ways.

If all your jokes are always distant from her, then it wouldn’t really matter. She might laugh, but she’d think you’re just a funny guy. Be the guy who’s really hilarious, but always inspired by her existence in his craft. 😉

Turn It Around and Make Her Laugh!

Same goes for this one. As long as you’re smooth and owning the ground you stand on, you’ll be fine. I know it’s a cliché and everything to say that you need to be yourself. Well, that’s always a bad advice because it’s incomplete. You need to be yourself within the borders of being socially accepted by your partner. That’s a balance you need to acquire, and experience will definitely improve how you see the whole thing.

Getting women to laugh is a god’s gift, and we have to cherish it and use it wisely. Just hearing them giggle might be the best feeling in the world, and gets you to good places! 😉

Be a good chap and hit the Like button down below. Share this with your friends and they’ll definitely appreciate it. Well, we’d appreciate it way more. We work really hard to make fun of you and the likes you seem to admire! I really need to end this post.

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