SaturdayHumor is an entertainment platform with a quirky sense of online journalism. We mostly review memes and write commentary on featured subjects. We offer our website as an outlet for young and aspiring writers, to have a place where they can share their own words.

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We’re more than thrilled to entertain our readers even for a couple of minutes; and we’re always more than open for feedback. We talk about relationship memes, and how they portray real-life moments and struggles. We also share stoner memes to you blunt lovers out there.

For your time in the office, we have some work memes that you will definitely relate to. If not, life memes unite us all under the same flag of being incredibly human and plain confused.

Here at SaturdayHumor, we don’t take anything seriously. Indeed, you might find something beneficial or witty in our posts, but we’re mainly here to make you laugh for a couple of minutes. If you’re bothered by any of our posts, just let us know in the comments and we’ll reach out to you.

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Always remember: laugh till your lungs can’t take it anymore..