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When You Can’t Wait to Eat Your Food

You can’t blame this deer for being impatient – especially when food is involved. Sometimes a burnt tongue is but a small price to pay when it comes to eating a tasty snack. Our watering mouths betray us and the next thing we know we are diving right in before the microwave can even protest a final ‘beep’. So, we take our steaming-at-the-mouth punishment and ask ourselves was it worth it?

Of course it was. That first bite of food, no matter if it’s boiling hot or freezing cold, is what I imagine getting a hug from an angel feels like. The first bite is the best. Sure, the second is pretty sweet too but nothing will ever be able to compare to that first, satisfying sensation – especially when you’ve had a rumbling stomach for most of the day.

They say ‘good things come to those who wait’ but whoever came up with that obviously wasn’t talking about their dinner. Anyway, the biggest question to ask ourselves is do we ever learn from our scalding mouths that we should be less greedy next time? Absolutely not. Pass me another slice of scorching hot pizza.

Eating can be really fun, and we eat a lot here at Saturday Humor. We eat your memes and digest them really good. But we also eat a lot of food, yes, that’s true.

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