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Latest Stoner Memes That Will Make You Break Your Bong!

Being a stoner is a commitment. It’s a lifestyle like any other, except it’s better in every way possible. The baked nation could possibly be one of the most peaceful people you could ever meet in your life. They don’t care what you say and do as long as you let them be in their own happy bubbly bubble.

Look at Wiz Khalifa for example… he is basically a walking joint that occasionally raps. The dude built his music legacy based solely on the fact the weed rules, and we ain’t mad about it. And whether you like his music or not, he is legit one of the most contempt people you could ever hear blabbering about absolutely nothing and still feels pretty stocked about it!

So, fire up your bong and enjoy our meme collection of the most stereotypical incidents in the life of a stoner…

Hello Darkness, my very very old and only friend…

As stoners, we tend to enjoy things a bit too much while baked. A breeze of fresh air is surely enjoyable to anyone, but what’s better than being saluted with the smell of an even fresher joint. You find yourself not only inhaling that friendly familiar deliciousness, but also hypnotically gravitating towards the source.

Not the friend we deserve, but the one we definitely need…

Cannabis has the healing power of generating a general feeling of wellness and happiness, which basically means that as stoners we are pretty chill, except when it comes down to waiting for the weed man. He is the friend we want to keep and the figure of abundance we aspire to be. But no matter how late he is, how can we ever get mad at basically Dad?


Newcomers are always welcome in a pot-friendly gathering, but sometimes they are cocky liberals who want to change how things are done. Occasionally, their confidence gets in their way and they go on and on flexing about their sick rolling skills. So, we put them to test and it usually ends with a disfigured flaccid blunt.

Friends has the word END, u know???

A man’s lighter is his pride and joy. Since the beginning of civilization, men take pride in their ability to make fire, and don’t be fooled by modernity, it’s still going on till this day and age. You steal a man’s lighter? You might as well eat his food and make sweet-sweet love to his girl. When we’re gathered around a fired-up bong, we expect nothing less that loyalty! Dafuq, man??

Be your child’s baked Sensei!

The baked nation always aspires to be the cool parents they always wished they had. It’s a thing. So, would you say you’d put on the long breathy cape and be your child’s best friend? Or let him go his own way buying bad stuff and rolling wonky blunts? What kind of negligent parent would you be if you let your child lead the rookie amateurish life, when they have the perfect Sensei at home?

Wake up and Bake, Never Hate…

So many people demonize the lifecycle of a stoner, however; come to think of it, what is so bad about waking up in the morning and smoking a blunt in you Pjs, right before you have a tasty breakfast and a delicious cup of coffee? If anything, you’re doing your thing, and the world a favor in the process!

Everyone: Live, Love, Learn

Me: Bake, Laugh, Munch

It’s true that smoking pot doesn’t go hand in hand with every profession and every lifestyle, however; it does work perfectly well if you’re leading a creative career. The process of smoking weed does help one relax and free his mind, in addition to slow pacing the thought process, which can have a very productive poetic outlet.

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