Mummies coming to life in 2020

Mummies Coming to Life in 2020

This year has been crazy! Lots have been going on, and it’s just the start of it. Governments are going crazy, we’ve got a pandemic now, and no one really knows how’s everything is going to play out. There’s no need to panic, really, but we kinda have to let our imagination paint the future.

This simple tweet really gives us some insight on what might be next. When a thunder storm hits the pyramids, you might be thinking: well, what’s worse that could happen? Well, we really can’t cross off any possibilities. The great pyramids of Giza might just get enough energy to resurrect those dead mummies. We’d be facing an apocalypse in its most anticipated form. Curses, viruses, zombies, you name it. The elders would have to talk over our technological world and lead the future.

That would be cool, though. You’d be lying to say you’re not praying for it..

What do you think?

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