Oddly Satisfying Gifs That Will Have You Gazing At Your Monitor For Hours

What could be better than watching funny or amazing gifs flash across your screen? Being mesmerized by gifs you could watch over and over endlessly that give you a good feeling inside. These oddly satisfying gifs will keep you glued to your screen with a whimsical calmness about you. If you’re ever feeling like life is just too much, check out some of these clips that are simple perfection.

1. That’s Grinding!


2. What Would Happen If You Could Do This With Too Much Toothpaste?

Cajeta - Sst

3. All This With Some Paper


4. Mesmerizing Keychains

Hair - ANIMA

5. Don’t You Run Away From Me


6. I Think This Person Could Beat My Uncle Jack At Finishing a Cob

Corn kernels

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