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Oh My God, the School Nostalgia Is Real!

The internet has started multiple wars that have lasted years, if not never truly ended! Some wars are as old as humanity, or as I call it; as old as my grandma. As an internet veteran, I have been around ever since the Apple vs Android war has begun, and I am with you currently witnessing the T-Series vs Pewdiepie war over at YouTube. You might have also memories of the gold and white dress vs the black and blue dress debate.

The real war though is the 0.7 pencil refillings vs the 0.5 pencil refillings, if you are currently a student or have been one, you must surely remember this whole debate. It begins as early as elementary school and it can follow you all the way to your university/college years! Imagine, one day you are purchasing school supplies for your kid and then they have the audacity to buy the wrong one, what do you do then? To me, this is a nostalgic post.

I have always been a stern defender of the 0.7 pencil refillings, because they are more common in stores, usually cheaper, and they are able to withstand stronger applied pressure than their 0.5 pencil refilling counter-parts.

I shall not yield my position, and I’ll stand my ground. The fight will never be over, and hell will let loose upon their forsaken souls through memes. I’ll fight till the whole world acknowledges my credibility in picking what’s better to write with. I’ll fight with my words, and no one will stop me.

Keep the meme alive, keep the heart pumping. We shall never yield the memories and the old cringes, for they will forever dictate our history. And this meme post is talking longer than usual, and I really should wrap it up by now. See you when something utterly ordinary today seems quite fascinating in a few years. Nostalgia never fails to amuse me.

What do you think?

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