She’s friendly because you’re in the Friendzone

Friendzoned Guy in a Meme

One way or another, we’ve all stumbled upon the friend zone. We met a cool girl, she has everything we ever wish for. She’s gorgeous, smells nice and treats us great. The only downside is: she’s too friendly. While that is not really annoying, it’s actually heartwarming, it’s an issue.

There’s a fine line between intimacy and being friendly. A girl can hug someone, touch their arms, laugh at their jokes, and they still won’t get to that sweet sweet spot. It’s hard to differentiate at first. And when you’ve entered the friend zone, it’s a lot harder to escape.

Our dearest reader, if you’ve fallen for that trap and you had other intentions at the beginning, run for your life. You’ll end up like this guy here, all miserable next to a bubbly remainder of your failure. Go out, find someone else. But be more precise next time. It’s always better to have a line in the sand to repel the friendzoners away.

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