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Sitting Like a Lady – Expectations vs. Reality!

Ah, lovely gender roles, social behaviors, and gender expected behaviors. Growing up, I have been an extreme tomboy and have personally been friends with quite a few tomboys over the years, and I cannot stress enough how annoying it is to hear: “You should behave like a lady”, “How are you going to find a husband like that?”, and “Do not spread your legs, it is unladylike!”.

Can you imagine walking up to a guy and telling him that he is not spreading his legs wide enough, how is that appropriate in any way? Can you also imagine walking up to any guy you know while he is doing whatever and tell him “How are you going to find a wife like that?”, you will not be taken seriously at all.

I am glad for all the people that are able to stand up for what makes them comfortable! Sitting with your legs perfectly crossed, like a lady, can get tiring sometimes. My legs are not made out of noodles, or some malleable material that is supposed to be under the constant pressure of heels and uncomfortable sitting positions.

Dear, oh, old dear aunt Karen, do not bother yourself with my ability to find a husband – bother with how to keep one first!

Here at Saturday Humor, we don’t see people through gender or race. We hate you all equally. If you share the same sentiment, hit that Like button down here, and we’d love to see you around once more!

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