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Technology Screwed Us in the Head Big Time!

In today’s world, it is a little difficult to let technology advancements surprise me, and the same could go for you as well. You can never surprise me, punk!

Sometimes, once in a while, the internet will surprise all of us at the ingenuity of the possible uses of our smartphones. I mean, what can’t we do anymore? The list of things that humanity can’t do is getting shorter and shorter by the day as we speak, that’s a little fascinating, don’t you think so? I definitely do!

Technology is a sign that our society is advancing… just not this time. Facetiming yourself from another room directly on the water that will go into boiling soon is the pinnacle of laziness! Thank you, Steve Jobs, for all of the innovation and progress you have brought us, so we can now facetime ourselves cooking from other rooms of our house! This is exactly the type of advancements that we need in today’s world, why should you be able to only purchase fast-food with a few clicks, when you should be able to cut down your cooking wait times at home by simply walking out of the room to do something else with your time that is far more valuable like – watching the TV!

But you seem like a wise internet user. You’re here, right? I’d like to believe so. And, counting on that, I’d say you’re pretty freaking awesome. Thanks for taking the time and using the technology you have to spend a little time with us today. We’d really appreciate it if you share our posts so we can make more money. We don’t make that much, and we’re really really hungry. If you’d like to buy us a cup of coffee, just pass by our quarters.

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