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When You’re Too Young to Talk about Retirement!

If only the retirement age could be lowered to twenty-five or so. Imagine how wonderful a world that would be. All of us would be free to do whatever we truly love while still in our bright prime years instead during of our dim twilight years.

Everyone who dreams of traveling the world could do so while they can still traverse it without a cane and show off their beach bods on the world’s beautiful beaches instead of wrinkles and liver spots. Sports lovers would not be limited to golf, the only sport their aging bodies can still handle, but could play any game they love for years at their peak athletic ability.

It would give people decades to purse crafts or hobbies they’ve always longed to do but never had time for. It would be a gigantic boost to culture, the arts, and Netflix streaming numbers. Not to mention the huge population influx to the state of Florida that would bring astronomical economic growth.

Obviously, this probably seems to be nothing more than a millennial pipe dream but let us keep this fantasy. At the rate social security is dwindling and both inflation and costs of living are rising, most of us will work till we die and the only retiring will be of our retirement fantasies.

This is just how it goes on, and it keeps getting worse and worse. Are you the %1 that can actually live through the system? If you’re that, please, just go ahead and click on the LIKE button for our Facebook page. We’re not that %1, and we rely heavily on memes. So, you privileged brick, let the world know of our misery..

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