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When a Girl Wears Ripped Jeans to the Party!

Intentional ripped jeans started around in the ’80s and for some reason, they will simply not leave us all alone, or the fashion world alone ever again. They are highly fashionable to this day and sometimes some people should consider not wearing them anymore (for the sake of our eyes).

These have become so mainstream that it is not unusual to see them almost on a day-to-day basis whenever you go outside of your own residence, perhaps you are one of the people that often wears ripped jeans regardless of the weather as if your knees and thighs have the inability to get cold or chilly.

I have actually met people who not only purchase ripped jeans but that they buy normal jeans and then they bleach them and rip them to their own specific standards for that pair. As in, they destroy their own brand new clothing for an aesthetic – now, that is ridiculous. The worst is when I hear that the pair of jeans was a highly expensive brand because they wanted the pair to last. Well, maybe if you did not buy them with the intent to destroy them, they could have lived a very long and fulfilling jean life!

But maybe they deserve it. Jeans can be naughty, too, and you need to tame them. A pair of sharp scissors will simply do the job. If you’re not satisfied with your pair of jeans, just rip the hell out of them. Be rebellious and let your knees kiss the air. Even if your knees don’t really look that good, be proud of your body and let them revel in the world.

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