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When Apocalypse Is Your Form of Optimism

Doomsday preachers promising fire and brimstone and waving cardboard placards warning that the end is near are nothing but a tease. They continuously proclaim that we are living in the final days before the apocalypse and some are even bold enough to hand out tickets to the event to end all events.

But everything was okay after Y2K, the alien messiahs never came, and the Mayan calendar ended yet the world kept on turning. Each time a new Nostradamus makes a prediction of total destruction, it brings hope that the absurdity of our current existence will finally be over. And every time, a rigging alarm clock the next morning is a cruel reminder the tortuous cycle will never end.

The apocalypse is the reset button we all so desperately need. Imagine a world where all sweatshops, factories and offices are reduced to rubble. Banks are ind flames and the electrical grid is down. The survivors would be free from capitalistic prisons and have opportunities to pursue their own arts and trades.

There would no longer be this insane system of wasting life working for pieces of paper to pass around until you die. Without technology, people would compulsively interact on a deeper personal level and grow as a society. After the apocalypse, civilization will be humbled, and the homeless doomsday sign holders will become rock stars!

You don’t have to take us so seriously. You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t. All we know is that we have fun here at Sautrday Humor, and you should too. Like our page on Facebook for more depressing and existential content! That’s one hell of a weird sentence.

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