When daddy gets too real

Hanging out with your dad is good and cool until he starts seeing you as a project to be turned into an exact copy of himself.  We all get it, they get extra enthusiastic when it comes to their boys, yet they need to chill a little bit.

We all love puns especially if we are trying to escape a situation. Indeed we are choosing the closest meaning to our desires. I mean no offence dad, but choosing the HIGH way is defiantly an endless joy.

Men one day will be dads, but being called DADDY while having no one except for your girlfriend is a bit weird. It’s cool and intimidating to some but acting like a true daddy wouldn’t end up as expected. But when your girlfriend takes the whole DADDY thing too serious, you need to back off from that role.

It’s becoming too mainstream to call your loved one ‘daddy.’ The confusion is getting too real, we have to have another word to call our actual parent… don’t you think?

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