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When Life Is Too Ironic For Your Existence!

Life can seem like it is all just one big joke. God likely isn’t a king of kings, but the class clown of all jesters. When life decides to make a laughingstock out of you, the most common comedic device it employs is irony.

What is meant to be a positive health message posted on an elevator of, “today we take the stairs,” is a cruel ironic joke to a disabled person in a wheelchair. They wish they could take the stairs, but the creator of the poster could not have known that and likely meant no harm. Yet, the irony cuts so deep it feels almost intentionally directed at them solely for the amusement of an omniscient prankster.

There seems to be no other way to interpret life’s most painfully ironic moments. Maybe the architect of our lives intends for irony to humble us and teach us to laugh at ourselves. Or conversely, maybe there is no creator or blueprint to our life experiences and ironic moments aren’t meant to mean anything. When confronted with life’s harsh irony, perhaps by attempting to assign a comedic value to it, we are making ourselves even more foolish. And that might be the most ironic thing of all.

But one of the qualities we possess as human beings is the ability to laugh at our own misery. Like this cool dude here. He’s not minding what an ironic moment it is, but seeing the precious meme behind and aiming to document it for the rest of us.

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