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When Signs Are Everywhere around You!

Sometimes the universe seems like it is trying to whisper instructions into our ears. The universe is voiceless, so it sends signs woven into everyday life to let its opinions be known. Everyone has felt the peculiar gravity behind chance events that seem to be addressed specifically to you.

You try to tell yourself these seemingly random things that feel connected to personal thoughts are merely coincidences, and whatever significance you might attach to them is misplaced. There must be some significance behind what is perceived as a sign since hearing signs is a universal phenomenon.

A welcome mat that reads, “You have no reason to be here,” may not sound like a clear sign, but signs can only be seen from specific perspectives. If the same mat is seen by a door to door snake oil salesman when he’s seriously reevaluating his career path; he will see a sign from the universe that he has no reason to be stuck in his soul sucking job.

Signs are all around. Either they go unnoticed or they can’t be seen because they aren’t for us. Maybe that’s for the best since most of the time the universe sounds like a disappointed parent!

But it doesn’t have to mean anything. We tend to project our own misery over everything, as it’s all over the place, honestly. We find comfort in day-to-day memes and posts that comfort the compulsion within our chests.

And while we’re at it, we try to make fun of everything around us. Make sure to hit that juicy like button down below, and we’ll keep making fun of you “until the stars burn out.”

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