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When The Pain Is Just Too Real!

Work memes are arguably the best recurring memes. There is always a demand for work memes because we always work! It simply cannot become a stale meme, as it is not a trend – but a reality. Work memes are also some of the most flexible memes, as workplaces and work environments are so different from one industry to another. Honestly, an untapped market!

Whenever I see memes that relate to my workplace, I become THAT person by sharing it around among my coworkers, and if I am in a good mood even to my boss. Often, we do not get enough time to bond with the people that we spend several hours a day and memes can be the solution to this very issue.

Work is a weird place to be at sometimes. It is in a way, your second home and your second family. If you have chosen your job and company well, you will never have to relate to this meme whatsoever!

After all, all grandmas say that laughter is the best medicine and that it heals everything – so why not share it around in the office with your coworkers a little bit?

That’s only if you’re trying to adapt a more positive mindset towards life. What about me? Well, I despise my boss as much I despise the people I work with. I wish we could all get fired, and the company goes bankrupt.

If you really hate what you do, you can either keep doing it or kill yourself. While you’re at it, hit that Like button down here. We’re always sharing fresh memes day by day!

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