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When You’re Sad, But Your Cat Doesn’t Care!

You’ve had a hard day. Your boss is beating you at work, and your crush won’t even look your way. You went straight home and you want to relax. You’d like to look at funny cat captions and call it a day. But those crippling thoughts of self doubt won’t leave you alone, though. Your cat gets in the way of your contemplation. You stop for a second and seek the comfort of companionship, not knowing you’ll eventually be disappointed.

You seek the furry goddess, and you want to connect with a fellow earthling on a level of mutual harmony. But how will that happen? Dude, you have a cat! I love cats and all: I actually have two that I really want to get rid of! K But seriously, cats are just incapable of stepping down from the top of the food chain. They basically own all of us; no wonder the Pharaohs liked them too much.

Pictures with funny cat captions and memes are always a thing that is appreciated by the online community. Somehow, the world of internet thrived on cat pictures, turning the whole thing into a massive industry. Cats can be really hilarious with their unique personality and their high level of self entitlement. It doesn’t matter whether you own a regular cat or even a tiger, they’re going to look for a box to hide. They’ll enslave you as long as they breath, and you’d have to oblige or else your life is worth nothing.

Having pets can take a lot of energy, and that’s why you shouldn’t do it unless you’re pretty sure you’re up for the responsibility. Either way, don’t do it. You can’t even take good care of yourself to begin with!

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