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When You Don’t Give an F about Your Boss

Bosses are the worst, that’s why I prefer to work online. I might punch my boss if we were in an indoor office. It’s just not my place. And, obviously, I’d be late to work. I like to have my coffee in the morning and ponder the infinite possibilities of life. When it comes to office memes, they kind of infuriate me. They remind me of a time that I needed to work in someone else’s quarters.

Having to wake up early everyday and show up on schedule is just incredibly tiresome. Not only that, but you need to be extra awake to punch the hours. You value yourself more than that, but a boy’s gotta eat. Every now and then, if not all the time, you get stuck at a job that you don’t like. You keep showing up everyday, always thinking about the day you quit.

You don’t have to like your job in order to do it. Yes, it would be awesome to do something that you actually like. But, sometimes, circumstances dictate that we go through our careers with a poker face. Maybe you need to start thinking about shifting your career. It doesn’t matter if you’re deep into it or not, you can get out as long as you want to.

But if you still have to show up, you’ll be met with the face of your boss. You have to endure the smugness and the idiotic looks you get from them. Maybe you’re one in a million who appreciates their boss, and not actually kissing ass. It’s possible, but business owners and managers are doomed to have all the qualities that can get under your skin. As long as the person writes your cheques, your relationship is going to be messed up. As long as you’re late to work, you’re gonna have a hard time with them. But what can you do?

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