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When You Don’t Want to Go to the Party

The daily, weekly, and monthly struggle of an introvert that is friends with extroverts is wanting to hang-out with them but realizing that you will get tired of that interaction as soon as you get to the place you were supposed to stay at for a few hours.

You want to go do things and socialize with other fellow friends, but at the same time, you also don’t want to do any of those things. We all get these moments of simply not wanting to go out anywhere for the weekend, stay home and enjoy a few hours of social media binging and then go back to work right back on Monday. Nothing wrong with that! 

At some point, we might receive invitations to go out and do things that we wanted to do so badly… a week ago. That will definitely annoy your friends and yourself overtime and they’ll stop reaching out to invite you to events and that is only then when you will want to get invited. We want things that we can’t have; all.the.time. That is the struggle of an introvert: accept and regret or decline and regret anyway! I know this struggle way too well.

But being an introvert is sometimes a special thing on its own. You get to have your own world and perceive things in a different manner. If you do like our memes, hit like down here or visit our Facebook page for more awesome content! We’re more than glad to have you here with us.

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