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When You Have a Nerd Girl in Your Class!

You need to come across nerds in your life. If you haven’t, you’re missing a lot… a thing which a nerd doesn’t like to do. You go to class barely opening your eyes to the world. Deep down in your heart, you’re convinced you’re an intelligent, dedicated human being. You’ll make your parents proud, and you’ll contribute to society.

Yet, all you think about is nachos.

Your professor starts talking about nonsense that happened in the 16th century, and anything before the 60’s doesn’t really concern you. So you start surveying the room around you. Some are on their phones texting, others are playing Pubg.

But hidden in the shadows, a figure lurks that twitches and stares avidly towards your teacher. She’s fixated, two eyes on the board and one hand on paper. You find her mimicking the words of your professor that are becoming unclear to you by now. She’s diligent and knows she’s going places, but can’t wait to go there.

Having a nerd in your life can be appealing. You meet lots uninteresting people throughout your day. But a geeky person can open up doors to you that you didn’t even know existed. What they have is passion, and that is something quite hard to attain. When you have that, you’re hardly ever bored. You’re always gazing upon the horizon, knowing that there’s so much out there.

That’s what differentiates people who have true interests in life, and those that go about their days half asleep. Know the difference, and know what you want to go after in your amazing journey. Listen to the memes every now and then, but see it through your own perspective. Cherish the gift of consciousness and pass the time as much as you can.

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