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When You Have a Really Nosy Cat!

I am a total animal lover! Big or small, I love them all. The internet is filled with all kinds of animal pictures, gifs, and videos. They are all just as sweet as the other. To be honest, most of the internet is just overflowing with cat and dog content. None of us can get enough of our companions: they are like family to us.

There are whole websites dedicated to this type of content, isn’t that insane? Imagine working a job where all you have to do is find cute cats and dogs in order to get social media traffic: the dream.

In all seriousness, I am a cat person and pictures like these ones always crack me up. For some unknown reason to mankind, cats and dogs alike, adore, and I would like to stress adore, getting themselves in our shoes. They also love freshly done laundry just as much as we do. It is as if they can smell the warmth and they are attracted to it as soon as we leave the fresh batch of laundry unattended they roll all over it, to make sure that they have re-marked their masters with their hair and pet smells! It just so happens, that they sometimes get stuck – oopsies.

Having a pet is way better than looking at cat memes. We’d encourage you to adopt and be part of the solution. Here’s Petfinder, where you can get a cute pet from the nearest shelter.

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