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When You Have Some Holiday Weight Left

‘Congratulations! It’s a b-’

 ‘A boy?’

‘A burger…’

You may think you need an ultrasound but don’t worry, it’s just your Christmas dinner chilling out in your belly. That’s right, food babies are absolutely a thing and the festive period is a conception frenzy. The holidays are a time for eating our body weight in turkey, potatoes, you name it, you’ve probably eaten it at some point during this time. We say it’s okay. It’s the holidays after all. We say we’ll just exercise and run it all off in the new year but most of us are lying to ourselves. Instead, we are left with these not-so-adorable food babies which are a constant reminder of our shameful overfeasting.

But who cares! You’re allowed to be a little more circular post-holiday season. It’s a ritual; A ritual we all take part in. Dealing with these chubby consequences might make us think that we will probably go a little easier on next year’s dinner. We may say no to that extra slice of turkey. But before you know it the holidays have rolled around yet again and you’re already on your second helping of mash potato.

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