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When You Try to Think of the Perfect Comeback

Every argument has a winner and a loser. You hate to admit it, but that’s all you think about. Your counterpart says something, and you’re eager to utter your perfect comeback. You try to focus and think deeply, search within years of watching memes and tv shows; just to find that years have passed.

You’re still sitting in that corner, and it hits your mind. You have it! Finally! The world will appreciate your wit and brains. But everyone has passed, and you’re still there… looking at memes.

Being obsessive about a certain conversation is something you should worry about! (get it?) If you over think stuff, it’s not going to help you any battles. Deliberate thinking is always advised, but you got to use with caution.

Also, it’s not that intriguing to win over someone in a certain conversation. Why would you care, honestly? Be above everyone, hate everyone equally and your life would be much better. Let others revel in their eloquence, and you might be better off saving your words for the wiser and the more enlightened.

Some people don’t have anything in their lives that they simply crave attention. Not all people that come up with good comeback do it for the lols. Others want to actually be that competitive and show their capabilities. Well, dude, hats off to you. But I’ve got a plane to catch, and it’s not going to be caught while I’m talking to you here!

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