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When Your Cat Looks Down on You!

Well, the Pharaohs worshiped them for good reason. They have grace, if you might say. Have you ever considered that a cat gets an owner, and not the other way around? Because, basically, once you have a cat within your house, you’re under its control. You better run for your soul!

The internet is filled with cat memes, cat pictures and everything that is remotely related to cats. It’s an addiction that humans have developed over the years, and which they can’t get rid of. This adorable, manipulative creature is planning to take over the world and enslave the rest of humanity.

Look at it this way: you adopt your first cat, thinking what this cute creature can do to me. You keep pampering it, giving it silly names and petting it all day. You keep feeding it, and it’s never satisfied. You say “what a poor creature!” And suddenly, you’ve fallen into the trap.

It starts demanding and demanding. You try to keep up, changing its litter and offering even more food. And it’s never satisfying. It starts becoming like a broken relationship, where you try to do as best as you can, but nothing ever matters.

And suddenly, you realize that your whole life has become a lie. You’re enslaved, taken advantage of, and somehow imprisoned with hard labor. You try to get rid of it, calling your friends and looking for shelters. But it just looks you in the eye and enchants you with its hypnotizing powers. You try to hold your ground; you don’t want to succumb and fall under its tyrannical rule.

But to no avail. You can’t break the spell you’re under, and your whole existence is now defined by what lurks in your tiny apartment. You’re doomed for the days to come.

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