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When Your Co-workers Are Always Useless!

Work is work. Some of us have better jobs than others and some of us enjoy our jobs a lot more than others: it is the way that it is. We might be working in a very big company, a smaller one or nearly on our own, if not actually on our own.

We have all had a coworker at some point in our life that did everything wrong, as in every single thing that was possible to do wrong – they managed to do it wrong. Maybe the person has given several customers a discount when they were not supposed to, stole company property that they were not authorized to even know it existed, and whatever else it is possible to ruin and to mess up at your workplace: they have done it more than once.

You always wondered how they got to keep their job! Sometimes, even wondered how the person can even live with themselves and all of the mistakes that they have made over and over. In a way, it makes you wonder if you are just as incompetent as your coworker but you fail to realize it, just like them.

But when it comes to the serious talk with your boss, they take you down with them like a dying goose. It’s not your problem that they don’t exert as much effort as you do. I personally don’t like to associate myself with anybody in the workplace; you go in on your own, and you hopefully get out on your own (no office romance, please).

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