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When Your Cute Puppy Starts to Judge You!

We try to be as nice as we can to each other. We don’t dwell on people’s weaknesses, and we try to highlight that is good and kind in others. Although that might be your look on things, but your cute fellow might disagree.

Having a pet is amazing! You get to see them grow, and you break your back as your cater for them. Dogs, especially puppies, can be extremely cute and flamboyant. Having one around is a delight to all your friends. But don’t let that adorable creature fool you and mock you in silence. You need to be smarter than that.

All you’ve ever wanted is a delightful companion that can truly understand. You didn’t learn anything from the memes you’ve been looking at your entire life, and your case is deemed helpless. You wanted a friend that will never judge you, and by whom you shall stand in the direst of times. But you ended up with a mocking toy that wiggles its tail at your misery.

Puppies will never save you from the impending doom ahead. Listen to what they have to say and heed their wisdom, or else your soul is forsaken. They judge you in silence, and you need to be aware. You can’t afford to have another pair of eyes contemplating your choices, can you?

But jokes aside, love your pet as much as you can. They can be really warm and fuzzy, and will cherish every moment with you. Love your pet until you get into another relationship where you have to move to another city. Only then, you can discard the strong bond between you and your fellow earthling, and go on to mate in another city with different animals and new faces.

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