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When Your Dad is Trolling You from the Start

Dad jokes are some of the most wonderfully cringy occurrences. None of them are funny, but the listener feels a certain familiar warmth in their heart when they hear a dad make a lame joke. That funny feeling brought on by a dad’s adorably unfunny one-liner has a unique allure to it.

Even though it might cause heads to droop in embarrassment, awkward polite laughter, or cause one to question a father’s sanity; there is a small part of you inside that is glad to hear it. This power of the dad joke comes from one heartwarming, unconsciously understood fact. The dad is at least trying to be funny, and him making a joke despite the knowledge that it will probably fail miserably, shows that he cares. Every knock, knock joke that pains your eardrums, misused pop culture reference that falls flat, and each corny pun is a warm reminder that the dad wants to be actively involved.

If your dad trolls you from the start by giving you a legendary dad joke of a name like Carson after being born in a car, he will most likely be the cause of many awkward and embarrassing moments in your life, but you will also always know that he will always be an active part of your life.

So, do not despair. At least you have someone that cares for you. I’ve been born into a family of three mothers, and we ate memes for dinner. You need to appreciate the gift you have, and cherish it before it’s gone. Go look if it’s gone… come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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