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When Your Doctor’s Sense of Humor Is Worse than Yours!

Having a unique sense of humor is something that is not widely appreciated. Those with a particular taste in giggles have to prove themselves and fit in the world. When you discover that your doctor is one of those, you’re in for a real treat. You better run for your life; or stay if you like his memes.  You’ll be his next joke…

Going to the doctor can be a normal experience, an annoying experience, or rather a comical experience. That’s just got to happen. To me, doctors and those in that weird profession sell their soul to the devil. They’re basically mechanics… mechanics of the human body! They also strike me not really to be impressed with the gear. They always want to cut you open and meddle with your insides.

Still, you get to meet all kinds of different doctors. You’d imagine that after spending years in the profession, all of them would be dead inside. But you’ll notice other fascinating side effects. Coming from a family with several doctors, I assure you… they’re beyond help! 😀

It’s all fun and all to have memes about everything. The whole wide community of low-IQued internet users has the capability to turn anything into a joke. And honestly, that’s a privilege to have in this century. Don’t ever mind creating sublime art and make an actual contribution in history. Hell no! Let’s make memes.

This has gotton out of hand. I really need to end this post. But, somehow… if you watch Youtube and notice sometimes that Youtubers make a 10-minute long video and just rant about anything in the end… well, that’s the realist meme: where you have to keep smiling until the joke is over and the pocket is full.

What do you think?

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