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When Your Grandma Used to Get High!

Sometimes, kids don’t even imagine that their grandparents had active lives before. You always hear stories about your grandpa and grandma in the past, but you haven’t witnessed something yourself. But when you’re grandma offers you this weed Christmas tree, you’ll definitely know for sure they used to kick ass! You start seeing your grandparents as memes gods from now on. You finally have a role model in your family that you’re actually proud of!

You hear all sorts of stories about your grandparents. It’s just a thing that all families around the world share. Crossing all cultures, old stories in the family are something that is usually enjoyed by many generations to come. No matter whether these stories are true or not, your family won’t stop telling them.

Every time you gather for dinner, your dad will start ranting about how his father taught him this and that; and how his father told him things were done back in the days. It’s always a story that starts with “back in the day” or “when I was your age.” That of course doesn’t exclude your grandfather, who’s full of stories that just need to be shared in the slowest of manners. We love you grandpa’ and everything, but I gotta check my Instagram. My crush should be liking my pic around this time. (I hope)

Most kids nowadays don’t appreciate family gatherings, and for a good reason, I presume. Somehow, people tend to get closer to each other as they get older, knowing the inevitable end of it all. But having a kickass grandma that offers you weed on your birthday definitely makes it an enjoyable ride. Appreciate what you have in life, or else you might regret it when you’re robbed of the comfort zone you hold so dear.

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