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When Your Professor Asks You to Participate!

Not only did you wake up this early, but you actually had to leave your bed and head to your campus. You’re still thinking about that dream that your alarm clock didn’t make you finish. You’re calm, you’re quite, and you’re minding your own business. When all of a sudden, you professor ventures to address you in front of everyone. They want you to share your opinions and well-thought arguments with the rest of the class. They have the audacity to actually do this, and you’re still trying to keep yourself calm.

Going to class memes can be really funny, especially that students worldwide share the same sentiment towards education: it sucks! Not only you’re going to have to pay for your tuition, but you’d also need to attend and participate. I myself am the kind of person who likes to sit as quietly as possible in class. Yes, I tend to throw some sarcastic remarks every now and then, but most definitely don’t like to share my opinion with everyone.

Why Teachers Need to Stop This!

As a student who actually sometimes enjoys class, I hate it when teachers start asking questions. I know it’s part of their job, but somehow, they can do it in a better way. I don’t like it when I’m put on the spot and asked to contribute. Teachers need to understand that students are not all the same. Some like to be upbeat in class, engaging in meaningful conversations and adding more value to the classroom. Others like to remain quiet, listening to everything and judging in silence. That’s the true college experience.

So, why do teachers need to stop that? Well, because it’s annoying af. Let us judge you in our minds, and please, don’t give us the opportunity to lash out on you.

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