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When Youtube Wins the Dislike Game in 2019!

Pewdiepie has been winning over T-Series, and Jake Paul is news of the past. But Youtube has scored a new goal with their incredibly awful Rewind video. They got more than 5 million dislikes in just two days, ranking them the second most disliked video… just after Bieber’s Baby! Can you imagine? Youtube has sunk that low and they need to do something about it.

Basically, it’s known that the company treats creators horribly. Well, most relevant creators, to be quit precise. The whole ordeal with Youtube Rewind is that they used to actually present a rewind of the year in their videos. They used to host creators that flourished over the passing year, and people loved it!

Even creators did. But after a while, the whole thing became just too commercial. Youtube is always favoring a bunch of creators more than others. They do care too much about statistics and ads that they forget their viewers.

Lots of creators talk about their bad experiences with Rewind, even if they were featured in the screening. The whole idea became way too distant from what actually goes on Youtue. Honestly, it’s expected. Youtube operates as a company now, and this could have been way better if the platform was still led by creative individuals.

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