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Women Don’t Like the Toilet Seat Up, Well..

People are weird sometimes: they can set up, organize, and design a whole house flawlessly, yet they can’t manage a tiny room, and it seems to always be the bathroom that is the issue! Why is it that most women that I know, seem to have a terrible problem when it comes to arranging their belongings in their bathrooms? I eventually resolved to find the reason in memes.

There are at least three different shampoo bottles, their make up is all over the place (some of it is two years expired), and they have way too much of everything everywhere! Do not forget the crazy amount of all different facial, hand, and body creams that they seem to own and never finish as if there is an emotional connection to the sample they got from Sephora back in 2014!

I would say that this qualifies as makeup hoarding! It is just a cluster of way too many things, that are not even needed on a daily basis.

It is funny that these same individuals that let their bathrooms get this messy – are also the ones complaining about smaller, meaningless things such as leaving the toilet seat up, or leaving a dirty dish in the sink without washing it.

So what do you have to do?

Just organize your clutter and get your things in order. If you don’t do this, don’t expect your partner to heed your words and “put the toilet seat down.” That’s only fair, don’t you think? Living together with someone is hard already, and both of you need to modify your lifestyle to accommodate each other. That’s how a healthy relationship goes.

But, seeing how your relationship is going these days, I think you’ll be single in no time. So, you don’t really have to worry about this.

What do you think?

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