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10 Favorite Coworker Memes that Happen in Every Office!

Going to work is a hassle we all have to endure. We have to bring home the ‘bacon’ and pay meaningless bills. But being at the office can have its privileges, especially if you’re working with your best friend.

Maybe you’ve know each other for quite a while, even applied for the job together. Maybe you’ve simply met as coworkers and then became best buddies! One way or the other, it’s a breeze to have some who you could confortable with in your workplace. And it makes a way for some crazy memes, don’t you think?

We have to admit it… every office or workplace on this planest has its own unique potential to entice a freakish moment, For the time-being, let’s stick to this relatable collection that you and your favorite coworker will most definitely appreciate:

  • When it’s only one, and the rest are done!

We won’t be hateful or go all misanthrope-like on you guys, but people sometimes can be just not in harmony with us. You feel it too, and you know it to be true. But we come across a person once or twice in our lives that understands where we come from, and relates to our traits and personality. When that happens to be someone who you work with, you tend to favor them over other employees.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll start bashing the hardworking force of the company you work at. We won’t call him our best friends, though… or the most pleasant coworkers we’ve ever met. They’re just… okay, we’d like to say.

  • You might be my next best friend, but you have no clue..

So the new coworker is sliding through the cubicles, and nothing is going to stop them. They look pretty decent and have a motivated spirit. They might be your new best friend, but they definitely don’t know how things run around here. 

You’re the master of the corridors. You’ve seen it all, and all past dreams have been shattered. You need to pass this knowledge to the new generations, and let all trainees, interns and the newly hired know how it’s like in real life.

  • When you love them, but dem nachos are more tempting!

You always keep a code with your favorite coworker in the office, covering for each other and looking for any loop holes in the system to comfort one another. But comes a day where you’ve just had it. You know you’ve been a hardworking individual and a social butterfly for a while, pleasing the ones you appreciate.

But now, you’re thinking about yourself. You, and only you… maybe with some nachos on the side! It wouldn’t hurt to have a crunchy company. It can tempt you even more into loving the solitary atmosphere of your own comfortable living room.  

Sorry, bud… this is some ME time. I’ll take a rain check, and catch you later on a better day.

  • Avoiding the awkwardness is always a bliss

Having a friend in the office can have its privileges. You know there are some coworkers that you just can’t get along with. And it gets quite awkward and creepy when you run into them in the hallways. Having your bff by your side is just something that can elevate this level of uneasiness.

  • Not Getting Arrested Is Always a Priority

Another merit is having someone around you to make sure you won’t get in trouble. At times, we need close ones to curb the craziness within us. And that would be your favorite coworkers. Obviously, a workplace is a suitable environment for arguments and quarrels. When words become actions, that’s something else…

Just pray to god your friend doesn’t quit before you do!

  • You love to hate them, but you just can’t

You argue with your cubicle friend over silly stuff. They get you pretty mad sometimes. But when it really comes down to it, you’re best buddies! The moment they leave you out there in the office on your own, is when you realize their true worth. Always make sure to appreciate what you already have..

  • It can get greedy on paper

At times, your bff coworker might be getting paid more than you do. Since you’ve established a relationship of trust and benefit, you help each other out with tasks. Everybody knows this… you’re basically ‘dating’ to the rest of the office. But when the paperwork rolls in, they might be making more than you do. TREASON!!

But hey, who’s got time for new introductions? You guys get along pretty well, and things like these won’t come between you two. The office is always boring, and the routine repeats itself over and over again. It’s just much better to have you pal out there looking after you.

  • And you’d like keep the office fun going…

And aside from that, you just can’t imagine being at your company without gossiping and following up on drama. You need close friends for that… who can share a mutual interest in rumors, and engage with you and react.

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